Kirstin & Adrian Married May 22, 2020


Ashley & James from Australia married on Dec 21, 2019


Monique & Aaron Bizon, Married on December 20, 2019


images – courtesy and used with permission – Day 1 Productions

Nikki and Liam – Married Dec. 14 , 2019


Femy & Michael from Hamilton, On. Married Oct 29, 2019 at St. Mary’s by Fr. Dan with Dalyce as witness.

 Kristle & Jasel were married April 28, 2017


Congratulations to Aina & David married June 18, 2018




Congratulations to Jessica & Ryan, married Feb 03, 2018.


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Congratulations to Rosie and Sandesh, married Feb. 02,2018




Photos copyright and used with permission Owen Amantillo Photography

Jolene and Dave were married on August 12, 2018

dave&jolene-6757 (800x459) - 20171123_111203

Julie and Luke




Fr. Dan with Composer & Pianist William Cunningham

Fr Dan with Composer & Pianist William Cunningham

Cesar and Marisol 25th Wedding Anniversary


Wedding of Ysabel & Patrick, June 24, 2016.


Delores and Lorne Carroll who celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary Tuesday, June 7th, 2016


Wedding of Shanta and Yemi , January 14, 2016

thumb_REN3485Photograph by Orien Ferdinandus AF Photography, copyright, used with permission

Wedding of David and Jenna, Dec.31,2015

David_Jenna_12312015Photograph by: Christina Craft, FunkyTown Photography, copyright, used with permission

Marc & Jenifer married on April 07, 2016

received_10205799323894262Photograph by: June Carlo Reyes, copyright used with permission