Marriage Guidelines for St. Mary’s Church

Thank you for thinking of St. Mary’s to celebrate your wedding in the Rockies.

Please read through our guidelines; if you have any questions please contact us by e-mail at

Weddings are celebrated on, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 11:00 am or 2:00 pm. If you are planning on having a “Champagne Brunch” or an “Evening Reception” we will try to adjust the mass times accordingly. Please contact the parish to request your date.
We will advise you by return e-mail if this date is tentatively available for you. Please do not book the venue for your reception until you have confirmed your date with the church. Rehearsal times are scheduled for 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm the day before as long as this does not conflict with parish activities.
Once your date has been tentatively booked we will need a letter from the priest that is preparing you for marriage indicating that he has begun the process and it is okay to book your celebration. After we have received this letter you will be informed that your wedding date is confirmed. We will then send you an official booking form which must be completed and mailed to us along with a cheque for $200.00 for the non-refundable booking fee. The wedding fee of $1,300.00 is due 3 months before your celebration date along with a separate cheque of $500.00 for damage deposit which should be dated the day of your celebration. The damage deposit will be voided and a copy scanned to you after your wedding as long as there is no damage. If there is any damage, pictures will be taken and it will be determined what the costs are.


Anniversaries can be booked at any time as long as they do not conflict with any other activity in the parish. The suggested donation without communion is $250.00 and with communion is $500.00.