Join Fr. Dan on a Piligrimage to the Holy Land in 2020

Dear fellow Pilgrims;

We would like to invite you on a spiritual and biblical pilgrimage to learn about our faith history.  When you are journeying  with Abraham,  King David, the Prophets,  the Wise Men, Jesus and the apostles,  this special pilgrimage  is much different than a holiday.  Yes, we are tourists in a foreign land,  but even more we are pilgrims,  deepening our awareness of who we are in our relationship to the Holy Trinity and the world. I, Fr.  Dan, have led two grace inspired pilgrimages.  Especially memorable was Mass in the Garden of Gethsemane,  the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee,  singing ‘O  Holy Night’  in the Church,  at Shepherd’s Field,  near Bethlehem, and many more.   I am looking  forward to being one of your spiritual leaders on our 2020 pilgrimage,  as we embark on this memorable Journey.
Fr.   Dan Stevenot

I am excited to have this chance to share with you my experiences  of the Holy Land. In 2006, I had the privilege to take a course in the Old City of Jerusalem.   Living in the Land for five months, I took every available opportunity to walk through the streets and visit the Holy Sites and Churches.  This gave me a deeper connection and spiritual experience with people,  places and events that are recorded  in Holy Scripture.  I have shared my experiences  so many times,  in homilies and in chatting with people. Many have asked if I ever would go again.   They said if I did, they would like to join.

  1. This is that very opportunity!  In conjunction with the knowledgeable  and experienced team at Christian Journeys,  Fr. Dan and I have put together this customized  and wonderful itinerary.  We have tried not to miss out on too many of the important Holy Sites and Churches and have put together a wonderful itinerary that will give you many memories;  whether it is a trip, a journey  or a pilgrimage.

It is the best of the Holy Land that we can off you in two weeks.   It will be an unforgettable experience  of being on Holy Ground.  I look forward to welcoming you.
Fr.  Wayne Poile

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