From Fr. Dan on the new COVID restrictions.

Dear Parishioners;

As of December 9, we have new restrictions because of the spread of Covid-ro.  No social gathering is allowed in the hall or outside, in our church yard. We are limited to 15% of what is allowed by the Fire Department.  Normally we can hold 215.  With the restrictions we now can only have 32 at a church service.  Sadly, this means the last to register for 9:00 pm Christmas Eve mass have to re-book to attend  the 4:30  pm Christmas Eve or 10:00 am Christmas Day, which still have seats available.


I would like to phone  or email you my Christmas  Blessings.  If you have not provided your phone number or email address please phone the church office at (403)762-3450 or email and inform Dalyce, our administrative assistant.



Thank you and as always you are in my prayers