A letter from Fr. Dan to Parishioners

Dear Parishioners;

Every day I pray for all of you, asking God to send you hope or guidance, as we cope in these serious times.  The end of the pandemic still seems far off.  God is with us realizing our fears and concerns.  November 1 is All Saint’s Day and November 2 is All Soul’s Day.  The saints and our loved ones, whom we are remembering, and ourselves, form the Communion of Saint’s.  It is as we prayer together, whether at church or home, that we connect. We have learnt new ways, through out technology, to connect and support each other.  This will continue through live streaming, emails, online talks, and prayers etc.  I encourage you to google our shrines.  Most of them have daily livestreamed masses, prayers, etc.

A concern, as your Pastor, is that you are receiving spiritual assistance and are aware that the Sacraments are being safely celebrated in our parish. I have celebrated Baptisms, Marriages, 1st Communion, Reconciliation and will be celebrating Confirmation.  Please contact the parish or me if your children need to be prepared for Communion, Reconciliation and Confirmation. If you are getting engaged or want a Blessing for a Marriage Anniversary, vehicles, and home.  I am available.

I am aware that some of you are struggling financially. Even though you are struggling, your generous donations to our parish is paying bills. Like your homes we need to practice good stewardship in our maintenance of the church.  There are concerns for the future looking to income and expenses.  If you can give more, above your regular donation, especially to our 2nd Collections it would be most appreciated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at (403)808-7101.  Thank you for your prayers and generosity. Praise be to God for His love for us and how we love one another in His Name!!!

Fr. Dan